High Concentration Negative Ions Healthy Electric Hair Dryer

What is one of the most used items in every household? That is right, a hair dryer. Achieve your most desired and best look with this item, especially since we all know that our hair is one of the main features in our appearance. For beautiful and healthy hair, a professional dryer is needed. In this review, we surely want to look at the specs and features of the best priced SOOCAS H3 High Concentration Negative Ions Healthy Electric Hair Dryer.

Beautiful platinum, deep red, and white color combination, with the all aluminum alloy body already makes the hair dryer attractive in appearance with a professional feel to it. No longer have the cord all tided up, with it being 1.7 meters and fully retractable. It will always stay organized and be overall compact. We cannot forget to mention the size of this hair dryer, as it is just 15.80 X 7.50 X 24.30 cm in size, with a small weight of 600 grams. This even makes it easy to travel with!


  • Large blade to make strong airflow
  • 3 Temperature modes for you to choose
  • 1.7m retractable PVC power line
  • 220 V / 50 HZ voltage frequency
  • 1800 W power

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Negative Ions Hair Dryer

SOOCAS H3 Negative Ions Electric Hair Dryer

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Newly built technology of this hair fan, is made to provide you with strong flow of air, so you can style up in just minutes. That is all due to the large blade installed with the powerful motor and 1800 W power. Of course, we all have our preferences, so three different temperature modes are available. Choose from constant temperature, hot wind or natural wind, depending on your liking.

Airflow gather mouth is fully rotatable, allowing you to dry and style your hair in any wanted way. Although, the most unique and best feature of this hair fan, is the high concentration of negative ions. Negative Ions have a positive effect on the condition of your hair, as it adds shine, softness and makes hair silky, while reducing the amount of split ends.

Leave behind the old outdated hair dryers, and turn to this professional, best selling 2018 SOOCAS H3 Negative Ions Electric hair Dryer. Achieve the healthy hair that you have always dreamed of, that has never been possible before. It is portable, compact, and has even been a German IF design winner. In general, it is a must have!

Negative Ions Electric Hair Dryer

SOOCAS H3 Negative Ions Professional Electric Hair Dryer

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