Reasons to Pick up a Wireless USB Adapter Over Everything Else

Never else does the realization of a fast evolving technology hits me more than when I am sitting at home trying to stream data on my laptop lying in bed and lose connectivity. The reason being, I am still appalled by the fact that we are able to receive messages from across the solar system from the Voyager 1 but my Wi-Fi loses connectivity and dies if I shift a little to the left! I blamed my ISP for a long time and the blame quickly shifted to my wireless router. I switched them all, but no, the fact remained; a shift towards left, and down goes my internet connectivity. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about throwing my router out of the window multiple times but with a little research after spending an INSANE amount on routers after routers, I found the problem; my Wireless adapter was old.

best Usb 3.0 wireless Adapter 1200 Mbps

Before telling you about the USB wireless adapter, let’s talk about the device that requires this piece of technology. We love our laptops and PCs and have a special attachment to them. One thing, however, which we often forget, is that technology is something that is evolving each second and if your device is around 4-5 years old, chances are, it will never attain Giga-level internet speeds with its current hardware configuration and anything that isn’t able to compete, dies, as per our dear Charles Darwin.

This happens because the older Wi-Fi adapter that is installed in your system runs on wireless technology which was then considered fast which was the 802.11a/b/g/n with data transfer speeds of a maximum of 450 Mbps (for 802.11n which is the latest out of the given) which is obviously nothing as compared to the 1.2 Gbps speeds offered by the 802.11ac standard, currently popular. The devices and routers today cannot provide comparable speeds to the devices running on older wireless standards.

You can replace the wireless adapters present in your system right now but, it will cost you more than what you’ll reap and as mentioned before, replacing the router will not help at all. Hence the clear option here would be to get a Wireless USB adapter.

WICOMMFI Usb 3.0 wireless Adapter 1200 Mbps

WICOMMFI Usb 3.0 wireless Adapter 1200 Mbps

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It has been fairly popular and has become a rather useful tool ever since the integration of a better chipset on its hardware. The range has significantly increased and people, instead of reattaching an entire wireless adapter unit, simply plug in a new Wireless USB adapter. Along with that, it personally helped me more than I could’ve believed. With a wireless USB adapter I experienced:

  • A truly Wireless experience: I was delaying placing my Wi-Fi router to the room closer to my ‘offline’ gaming PC but my friends kept yelling on me to install an Ethernet connection for a stable connection. I would’ve needed to run a cable across 3 different rooms and it would’ve looked inefficient beyond belief. However a simple installation of a USB wireless adapter just resolved it all, efficiently. The lesser the cables, the better!
  • No internal hardware installation required: I dread opening my already flimsy old laptop. I am paranoid that the second it is opened from the bottom, it’ll die. I simply picked up this USB wireless router and plugged it in the USB port of my Laptop. The Wi-Fi speeds it received post the installation is something which my laptop wasn’t used to!
  • The need for computer upgrade is negated: I know people who have replaced the entire machine just because it ran internet at slower speeds. Don’t make yourself go through that, just get a USB wireless adapter and you’ll know, it’s still not time to upgrade.
  • Can work on more than one platform: The fact that you can just disconnect and connect it to any USB enabled device is amazing! I can’t do that with an internal Wireless adapter! My PC and Laptop can both share this device efficiently!
  • Portability: It’s just a simple USB adapter; you can literally slide it down your pocket and attach it to any device you wish to provide internet connectivity too in a Wi-Fi zone.

WICOMMFI Usb 3.0 wireless Adapter

While the entire premise of owning a wireless USB adapter is exciting, you do need to keep a few things in mind before spending needlessly on things you might not need. A few of these being:

Understand what you need. You don’t need a USB wireless adapter with a look that is comparable to a detonator. Sometimes a simple and elegant looking device will work far better that you can ever imagine. Looks will deceive you, read and research as much as you can!

  • Know what protocol it supports
  • Know what USB port it has and
  • What wireless band it runs on

As mentioned before, you need a USB adapter running on an 802.11ac standard on higher. You will be satisfied with the speeds as all the modern wireless routers host the same.

USB port type is something we don’t pay much attention to. We have to understand that the data speed which USB 2.0 supports is as low as 60Mbps. USB 3.0 on the other hand, maxes out at 640Mbps; hence if the laptop you’re using has no USB 3.0 port on it, you shouldn’t expect a huge jump in data transfer speeds.

Another thing to be kept in mind is the wireless band that your USB adapter runs on. It is well-known that the 2.4 GHz band has a far reaching range however it doesn’t offer speeds as that of the 5GHz band. It is important to know, however, that the latter has a shorter range than the former.

WICOMMFI AC750 Range Extender
With Three Operational Modes

WICOMMFI AC750 Range Extender

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My choice

I picked up the WicommFi Wi-Fi USB Adapter CF-912AC and was never more satisfied with myself! The device looks extremely elegant and yet the black finish gives it a devilish look. It easily achieves the promised speed of 1200Mbps on USB 3.0 ports and even though my old laptop runs on a slower 2.0 port, it still received a higher speed than what most WiFi USB Adapters gave me. On my PC, however, with multiple 3.0 ports, it runs and blazes past all my expectations.
As it is being sold on multiple e-commerce sites, it is easily available and has been outperforming many of its competitors with higher ratings than many. You should visit to know more. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Author: Inderveer Singh


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