Best Selling HiFi Sound Hybrid Earphones

Music, something that makes this world a little bit brighter and our day a bit better. Well it would be much more pleasant with a great pair of earbuds plugged in. Variety of earbuds is large, but there are some that you might not know as much about. In this review, we observed specs of the best selling earbuds, the KZ ZS10 HiFi Sound Hybrid Earphones with microphone.

These Hybrid Earphone are made to stylish and attractive in appearance, as well as comfortable, light, and durable. They are soft and tightly hug the ear, for great isolation and sound. 27 grams in weight, will allow you to not even feel them, making them perfect even for those who live an active lifestyle.

The four balanced armature drivers in the earphones are well composed that deliver powerful, loud and quality sound at all times. Cable that connects them is copper plated and braided. Such design and material makes it rather sturdy, and free of rips. The 0.75mm connector on the end is suitable for just about any device. While the connector of the in ear piece, is actually removable, allowing users to replace it with other cables.

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KZ ZS10 HiFi Hybrid Earphone

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Microphone and keys located on the cable, is a convenient addition, making it easy to talk on the phone hands free, or even adjust the sound. These KZ ZS10 HiFi Sound Hybrid Earphones have a 10mm driver unit, 7Hz to 40KHz frequency and 104dB sensitivity. With such parameters, the sound is sure to be superb with them on. Package of them consists of the earphones, two pairs of eartips for switching out and choosing the most comfortable pair, and an instruction manual for those who need it.

They are also offered in a various colors for users to choose depending on their liking, as well as can be purchased without a microphone for a smaller price.

KZ ZS10 HiFi Sound Hybrid Earphones are an item that you’ll surely come to love. They are not only stylish and attractive to the eye, they are made to provide with professional sound for daily use. Price is surely affordable compared to many on the market with similar parameters.


  • 1 dynamic + 4 balanced armature drivers
  • 2 Pin of 0.75mm connector
  • Buil-in Kevlar fiber
  • Convenient line control
  • 7Hz-40000Hz frequency range
  • Weight: 0.027kg
  • Size: 120.00 x 7.00 x 3.00 cm / 47.24 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches

KZ ZS10 HiFi Sound Hybrid Earphones,
One dynamic Driver + four balanced armature

Best Selling Hybrid Earphone

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