Best Selling Motorcycle Intercom Bluetooth Headset

Those of you who ride motorcycles, most likely have thought about investing in an intercom. They are convenient and much needed for many. In this review, we observe specs and features of one of the best selling Biking Headphones Motorcycle Intercom Bluetooth Headset.

This item is offered on the market, for the rider and passenger or two separate bikes to receive clear and reliable communication. Two riders at a distance of 800 to 1000 meters, will be able to talk.

It is compatible with Bluetooth compatible devices, and has the 3.0 plus enhanced data rate installed. When this headset is used with the cell phone feature, the battery is made to last for up to 10 hours of talk time, while the intercom feature provides with 6 hours of talk time.

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Motorcycle Intercom Headset

Biking Headphone
Motorcycle Intercom Bluetooth Headset

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This Motorcycle Intercom Bluetooth Headset, also has support for audio transfer and FM radio, for your favorite tunes. Last number redialing, and receiving different calls, is all supported, for hands free talking. Switching and controlling it all is also not a hassle through the AVRCP or the Audio/Video remote control profile.

The button panel of the BT-S2 motorcycle intercom is made to be not only waterproof but also sunproof, with an overall durable design. It even works perfectly in temperature from

-30 to 70 degrees Celsius. Installing this gadget is easy, and can be done with the instructions manual provided in the package.

Bring your attention to the BT-S2 Motorcycle Intercom Bluetooth Headset if your or your close one enjoying riding. It provides with clear, sharp sound and safe riding in any weather condition.

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