Elegant Charging Dock Stand For AirPods

As most of us know, all of the newest iPhones beginning from the 7th generation one, do not have an earphone plug. Instead, all invest in a pair of wireless earphones to use, AirPods. AirPods need to be charged often for full convenience. In this review, we want to take a look at the specs and features of the Oittm Elegant Portable Charging Dock Stand For AirPods.

First of all, this charging station is accessible on the market in a sleek, clean and beautiful white color. It is neutral and fits well with the color of the earphones and the iPhone, where they all look in harmony. Exterior of the dock is made out of high class material such as ABS plastic and aluminum alloy. Both types of material are tough, long lasting and will stay free of damage. Interior of the station is out of silicone material. This is sure to keep your AirPods like new at all times.

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Oittm Charging Dock Station

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Using this charging dock is extremely easy as well. All that one needs to do, is place the case with the earphones in the special place for it. As soon as that is done, they will start charging automatically. The bottom of the Charging Dock has a non-slip pad. This makes it durable and secure, where it will not shake, slip or slide.

Oittm Charging Stand itself is easy to charge, and can be done with the 2.4A lighting cable that is built in. It can be connected to any outlet, computer and so on through the USB end. When charging it will be safe and free from any harm. The package itself consists of the charging dock and a User manual with detailed instructions.

Oittm Charging Dock station for AirPods is an item that will be of great convenience for you if you use these earphones. In price it is affordable, the quality is great, and using it is easy. Charging your AirPods will be safe, fast and extremely comfortable to do so. The item fits well on your desk, reducing you of clutter and helping you stay organized as well. Bring your attention to this charging station, if you too love and use AirPods.

Portable Charging Dock Stand For AirPods
LED indicator + 2.4A output

Portable Charging Dock Stand For AirPods

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