Best Selling Mini Mobile MFI Power Bank

Smartphones are useful items that we all use on the daily basis. With that being said, most of them tend to run out of battery quickly, and need a charge within the day, especially the loved iPhones. For that reason, some turn to charger cases, others to power banks. In this review, we will look at all of the specifications and features of the Mipow SPL06 Mini Mobile MFI Power Bank. This mini Power Bank is great due to its compact size, and battery capacity. It is just 85 grams in weight, with the overall size being 2.50 x 2.50 x 10.50 cm. Many carry it in their bags, pockets and can easily hold it in the palm of their hand. Colors such as Black, Red, Blue, and Gray are offered, so all have one due to their preference.

Mini Mobile MFI Power Bank

This Mobile Power Bank is MFI certified, making it ideal for the iPhone 5 and newer. It even has an 8-pin interface, so you never have to worry about bringing an additional cable. One just needs to open up the top cover, connect the interface to the smartphone and press on the charge button.

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MIPOW SPL06 Mini Mobile Power Bank

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This portable mobile Power Bank has a 3000mAh battery capacity, that charges to the fullest in about three to four hours. The output voltage of this item is 5V/1A max. Another convenient feature of this item, is that it can be synced to the “JuiceSync” app, that one can download onto their mobile device. Once that is done, options such as viewing the battery capacity, temperature, managing your battery and receiving alerts is possible. Once the power on the bank is low, 50, 30 or 10 percent, you will receive an alarm.

One can also know the amount of power left, through the LED power indicator light. To recharge the power bank, one just needs to plug it into any USB hub, since it already has an input port.

MIPOW Mini Mobile MFI Power Bank is a handy item to have for those who use iPhones. It is compact, slim, light, trendy and powerful. Your device can be charged to the max with this item!

Mipow SPL06 MFI Mini Mobile Power Bank,
Wirelessly monitor + Intelligent reminder

Mini Mobile Power Bank

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