Best Selling Men’s Sports Smartwatch Phone

Smartwatches come in all sorts of designs these days. They are awfully popular on the market, amongst people of all ages. They are handy to use, and deliver with exquisite features. In this review, we would like to bring out one of the best selling Smart Watches S958 Men’s Sports Smartwatch Phone with Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer and other functions, to share more about with our readers.

This GPS Smartwatch Phone is obtainable in two fantastic colors. For those who enjoy more neutral shades, the black color is offered, while red is provided for users with a love for bold ones. Band on this watch is comfortable and durable. Screen is 1.3 inches TFT and fully colorful, delivering with 240 X 240-pixel resolution, where images are sharp, lively and just the way you need them to be.

A wide variety of features is provided, such as the built in GPS, which makes it doable to track motion. With that being said, you can record the mileage, speed, pace, distance during a certain activity, with this watch. One can also select among the forms of activity, such as walking, cycling, running and so on. During that time, one will also have their heart rate tracked. If it starts to get too high, one can slow down for their safety. With a built-in barometer, all changes in the weather, will be known as well.

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S958 GPS Smartwatch Phone

S958 Men’s Sports Smartwatch Phone
with Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Smart Watch

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A unique and great feature is, this S985 Smart Watch allows you to insert a sim card. This makes it achievable to answer your phone calls and message, straight from the watch. Bluetooth mode allows users to receive different reminders instead, of calls and messages. All of your phone numbers and calls will be automatically synced.

Listening to your favorite tunes is also easy, and the S985 smartwatch supports a memory card up to 32GB, for storing it all. MTK2503 processor of this smartwatch makes it fluent in usage, in addition with the 32MB RAM.

Bring your attention to the S958 Men’s Sports Smartwatch Phone , and all of its terrific specifications. Price of this item is moderately reasonable and affordable. It makes it laid-back to control your health, answer calls and messages, listen to music, all while telling time. It is sturdy, trendy and overall enjoyable!

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