Ergonomic Straps for Backpack Relieve and Improve Posture

Everyone at one point in their lives have been strained by their backpacks after carrying it around for a while. Your muscles start to sore and you back starts hurting, and if your backpack is especially heavy the pain can be agonizing. Not only is it uncomfortable to be carrying around a heavy backpack for a long time it is also very bad for your back muscles and posture.

There are many backpack out there that promise to lessen the weight of your load or to support your back, but then you will have to buy a whole new backpack. Ergonomic Straps for Backpack Relieve by BetterBack is exactly what you need to improve your posture if you don’t want to invest on a whole new backpack to have a lighter and healthier experience carrying your backpack.

Ergonomic Straps

Super Straps are designed to lighten your load not only from your back but also from your shoulders, neck, knees and hips. This will allow you stop involuntarily slouching and improve your posture while carrying your backpack. It is extremely easy to activate, when you start feeling uncomfortable from the load just give it a pull and the straps will create arcs that take off up to 27 pounds of load off your neck and back. So in the end not only do you get to keep your favorite backpack, you will also be able to lighten your backpack load and lessen the back pains. To get more info about this universal and ergonomic straps, visit Kickstarter page (image source) with this amazing project.



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