BMoss RFID Luxury Genuine Leather Women’s Wallet

We live in a time where we all own many different cards and carry cash along as well. Why bother trying to find everything in your bag, when you can keep it all organized and safe in a wallet. Women especially tend to lean toward stylish and beautiful wallets that will not only store all of their items, but will serve as an accessory as well. There is plenty of unusual wallets on the market, in all sizes and designs. Many are presented from popular, well known high end brands, while some are less known, but are great quality as well. In this review, we are going to observe the BMoss RFID Blocking Luxury Genuine Leather Women’s Wallet with Credit Card Holder (18 card slots).

Luxury Leather WalletOne of the first things that captures the attention of many, is the wide variety of colors that this wallet is offered in. There is a large variety that is sure to be suitable for all, depending on their preference and liking. Some of the colors are more neutral, for example Black matte or Black Oil, Blue Oil, Brown Oil, Brown/Blue Oil, Coffee Oil, Green Oil, Green/Brown Oil, and Grey Matte.

Leather Women's Wallet

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There are also several bold colors for example Purple Oil, Red Matte, Rose Oil, and Rose/Brown Oil. Oil covering is shiny and attractive, while matte is also currently in trend. These leather wallets are made out of high quality Cowhide genuine leather, that is not only durable but is also luxurious and good-looking.

BMoss RFID Leather Wallet are convenient with its two compartments that are tightly locked with zippers and a snap on top of it all. These compartments are large enough to fit most of your cards and cash. The inner section includes 16 card slots for different bank cards, gift cards and discount cards. Two different ID windows are provided, for your driver license and any other card that is often needed to be seen.

Leather WalletSecond compartment is ideal for storing your cash and coins. This part is made to fit all of your paper money unfolded. You will no longer have to wrinkle your money in order to fit it in. The overall size of this wallet is 7.7 X 4.5 X 0.6 inches with the weight being just 8.0 ounces.

For full privacy when using this wallet, one has many different subtle angles to open from, so that their cards are not seen and are entirely protected. With the RFID blocking technology of this wallet, all of your cards will be secure from different electronic thieves, who these days, try everything to get your information.

Luxure Leather Women's Wallet

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