GGMM In-ear Dynamic HiFi Stereo Earphones

Traditional wire GGMM EJ101 Nightingale In-ear Dynamic HiFi Stereo Earphones are more than 2 years on the market, and still selling on equal terms with innovative Bluetooth headsets or wireless ear pods. Why so? GGMM is an award-winning company, famous for their elaborate design, qualitative sound and durable materials. They are targeting consumers with speakers, headphones or earphones, and other audio appliances. Here’s a brief review.

As most GGMM accessories, this earphones come in a case. Resembling a sunglasses case just a little, it is indeed a stroke of design genius, very compact and foldable, with an area where you can loop the headphones around. The cable is very thin, so it would easily come through a phone case. You can change the song in the player and also answer incoming calls with one button on the operation block. The microphone is really clear. Moreover, full metal housing reduces the vibration on the headphones, adding up to the clarity of the sound.

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GGMM EJ101 In-ear Dynamic Stereo Earphones

GGMM EJ101 In-ear Dynamic Stereo Earphones,
3.5MM Stereo HiFi Headphones

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The latter is also boosted with nice isolation – when putting those earphones in you feel like wearing earplugs. Another handy feature is an adjustable metal circle cable loop – so you can regulate the separation of the wires every time you change the way of wearing them.

Speaking of sound quality, the bass is very deep, the vocals are very clear, and the separation between low, medium and high tones is significant. Sound quality seems to be really powerful for such a small device. GGMM EJ101 Nightingale In-ear Dynamic Stereo Earphones might be slightly pricey as for wire earphones, but these are really good quality products that pay off the price.

All in all, there are strong pros for buying this set of earphones. GGMM EJ101 Nightingale In-ear Dynamic Stereo Earphones have unusual and bold look, high chances of serving you more than chipey Chinese guys, very comfy ear fit and high noise cancellation, and last but not least – decent sound.

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