TenFifteen Multi Filter Air Cleaner Mini Air Purifier

There are many different air filters on the market, so that all can breathe in clean and healthy particles. Cleaning air is no longer a hassle and can be done quickly with no disturbance. One such item that we have observed for this review, is the TenFifteen Multi Filter Air Cleaner Desktop Mini Air Purifier with Allergen Filter.

This TenFifteen allergen filter has a great and interesting design, reminding many of a brush or even a microphone. It is offered in a white color, with black accents, which is neutral, at the same time bold, and trendy. It is made out of ABS material, which is quite durable and long lasting. Size of this item is 6.30 x 10.50 x 33.50 cm, with the weight being just 758 grams. Its upright position and sleek body, makes it easy to place just about anywhere, and even more ideal on your desk.

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TenFifteen Multi Filter Air Cleaner

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The triple filtration system that is built in, quickly and easily picks up all particles of any size. HEPA filter, activated carbon cartridge and formaldehyde filter are all installed. When being used, the generator inside of the purifier releases negative oxygen ions, which are great for your general health. What is even better, is that one can even add different aroma essential oils into it, so that any room has a distinct smell.

For catching the entire room, this air purifier has a design that adjusts its angle up to 38 degrees. One also has the option of setting the speed to high or medium. The filter on this air purifier is also replaceable, and should be changed out every four to six months for the best results. It is also very energy saving, and will not spend a ton of electricity. Entire package itself consists of the air purifier itself, an English user manual, and a USB Cable.

TenFifteen Desktop Air Purifier Allergen Filter is a highly recommended item for those who suffer from asthma and other similar diseases. It will provide with uncontaminated and not harmful air for the entire room. It is compact, durable and best of all, reasonable and affordable in price.

TenFifteen Desktop Air Purifier Allergen Filter,
Multi Filtration Air Cleaner
HEPA Filter, activated carbon cartridge,
formaldehyde filter

TenFifteen Desktop Air Purifier

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