Negative Ion and Smoke Removal Smart Car Air Purifier

It is important to breathe fresh and clean air wherever we are. We often take care of that in our homes, by cleaning it with different special gadgets, but forget about our cars, where we also spend plenty of time within the day. In this review, we have taken a close look at the Intelligent vehicle USB Negative Ion and Smoke Removal Air Cleaner Touch Control Smart Car Air Purifier.

This air purifier is offered on the market in a neutral, but stylish black color with a colorful accent line. It is made out of ABS and PP material, which makes it rather durable and long lasting. Size of this item is only 21.00 x 8.00 x 5.60 cm, with the weight being 1 kilogram. Such dimensions make it rather easy to fit inside of your automobile. Package itself consists of the air purifier, a USB charging cable, and an English instructions manual.

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Smart Car Negative Air Purifier

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This USB air purifier is made in a way, where the air passes through the filter, and all of the harmful and negative particles get trapped inside of it. The upper air inlet on this air purifier is made to be 360 degrees. Once the harmful particles are caught, clean and fresh air is released for you to breathe and enjoy.

Controlling this purifier is extremely easy with just a touch of a button. As soon as you turn on the car, you can start up the purifier and control the wind speed. The filter indicator button lets you know when it is time to switch to a new one.

This air purifier also allows you to know what the quality is like at that exact moment. When the light is blue, it means that you can be sure that the air is clean and safe. When the light is yellow, it means that the quality is general. Lastly, red light stands for bad air quality inside of the vehicle.

This USB air purifier is compatible with just about any car. It is sure to provide you with fresh and unpolluted air at all times, which is much needed for our overall health and well-being. Price of this gadget is reasonable, so bring your attention to it.

Intelligent vehicle USB Negative Ion and Smoke Removal
Air Cleaner Touch Control Smart Car Air Purifier

Smoke Removal Smart Car Air Purifier

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