XGIMI CC Aurora Projector TI-DLP Full HD Home Theater

At home movie theater are extremely convenient and popular. Years ago, it was something that most could only dream of, but with the modern technology, it has become real and possible. For that, a high-quality projector is needed. In this review, we are going to take a look at the XGIMI CC Aurora Portable Projector TI-DLP Full HD Home Theater.

XGIMI CC Mini Portable Projector

This projector is of a small size, making it easy to bring along with you wherever it might be needed. The dimensions of this projector are 13.80 x 13.50 x 11.90 cm, with the weight being only 1 kilogram and 500 grams. Made out of ABS material, it is rather durable and long lasting. It offers a native resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels, but supports up to 4K resolution, for the sharpest, most clear and beautiful images. Brightness with this projector is 350 ANSI lumens, for up to 40 percent more. Square pixels also add to the overall quality of the images.

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XGIMI CC Aurora Mini Portable Projector

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One can adjust the size of their screen to be anywhere from 40 to 180 inches, depending on how far away the projector is placed. Ideally, it should be mounted from 1 to 3 meters away. MSTAR 6A638 Cortex-A53 dual-core 64bits processor with 1.5GHz frequency, makes this XGIMI CC Aurora projector work smoothly and fluently. Android 5.1.1 system, provides with many different features.

WiFi, Airplay, Bluetooth 4.0, Miracast, HDMI is all provided for transferring your content to the screen. Support for 3D, makes this projector even more fun and enjoyable. Another great feature of it, is that is has JBL stereo installed with great 40mm dual speakers, for crisp, loud sound. This also makes the projector great for using as a speaker, to listen to your favorite tunes.
20000mAh battery is installed, that charges rather quickly and provides with up to 8 hours of movie watching time and 12 hours of music playing. A remote control is also provided in the package, for easy adjusting of the noise level, channel and so on.

XGIMI CC Aurora Mini Portable projector is a high-quality item on the market. However, the price is on the higher end. It is small and compact, offering exquisite quality images and sound.

XGIMI CC Aurora Portable Projector
TI-DLP Full HD Home Theater

vXGIMI CC Portable Projector

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