Blood Oxygen Sleep Heart Rate Monitoring Smartwatch

Everyone who leads a healthy lifestyle, watches his figure, monitors the work of his heart and wants to improve qualitatively and quantitatively his life activities, sooner or later, needs additional gadgets that would help more accurately and carefully monitor everything that we listed above and even more. In this review, we have observed such an assistant called NEWWEAR Q8 Waterproof Smart Watch Blood Oxygen Sleep Heart Rate Health Monitoring Smartwatch.

NEWWEAR Q8 Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor

This smart watch is offered in an excellent color deep blue, as well as black, golden, silver and white. This ergonomic and convenient gadget helps you lead a healthy and intelligent lifestyle. The watch collects various data from your activities and notifies you about it. You can also share your data on such platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to show your friends your achievements and the desire to get better every day. Also, you will help arouse the interest in sports with your friends and relatives, thereby helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. Perfect Personal Health Tracker will record your sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation in the blood and calculate the calories burned.

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NEWWEAR Q8 Smart Watch

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The installed chip NRF52832 makes the device fast and productive, has a low voltage platform and intelligently and economically consumes battery power. The battery of 170mAh has an ultra-long duration of operation reaching 150 days without recharging, which shows the excellent performance of the NEWWEAR Q8 Smart Watch.

You can install an application on the smartphone called Hey Band, to monitor how you are getting closer to your goal, save all the results and settings, and share them with your friends. Now you do not need to press any mechanical buttons, you just need to lift or turn your hand to turn on the screen backlight, which makes the device incredibly convenient for everyday use. IP67 waterproof grade makes this watch ideal for any weather condition. This watch it durable overall with the band being made out of PU, case out of Alloy, with an OLED screen that provides with 96 X 64-pixel resolution. RAM of 512MB, makes it rather great for multitasking.

NEWWEAR Q8 smart watch is an affordable, trendy and great item. It helps stay active and monitor it all along the way.

Q8 Smart Watch – Blood Oxygen Sleep Heart Rate
Health (HR) Monitoring Smartwatch

NEWWEAR Q8 Smart Watch Blood Oxygen

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