Cop Rose x5p Anti-Drop Smart Robot Window Cleaner

Most modern and not only, buildings have large windows. It is important to keep the windows clean and clear, especially in different offices. Cleaning windows yourself can be hard and also not safe. For that reason, different robot window cleaners have been invented. In this review, we will observe the Cop Rose x5p Anti-Drop design Smart Robot Window Cleaner.

This smart robot window cleaner is offered for an affordable price compared to many others on the market. It will help remove all dust, bacteria, heavy metals, and dirt from your windows or other glass surfaces. Dimensions of this smart robot window cleaner are 29.00 x 14.20 x 11.50 cm, with the weight being only 1 kilogram and 15 grams, in other words compact and portable. It can easily be moved around and brought with you, home or to work, wherever needed. Package of this Cop Rose x5p smart robot window cleaner consists of a window cleaner, twelve cleaning cloths, two cleaning rings, a remote control, a power adapter, one ac connector, one dc connector, a safety rope with hook, and an english user manual.

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Cop Rose x5p Smart Robot Window Cleaner

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Cop Rose x5p smart robot window cleaner has three different cleaning routes, to clean up to 99 percent of the surface. Two sucker vacuum absorption picks up all of the dust and dirt. You can control it with the press of a button, or with a remote control, whatever is more convenient for you.

With MEMS detect, this x5p smart robot window cleaner can detect the distance between the glass surface and the border. A 4-meter extension cord makes it possible to reach any corner of the glass. Safety rope can hold a weight of 30 kilograms, so that the robot does not fall when using it on tall buildings. Also for the safety, this x50 smart robot window cleaner has power off protection, where it will still continue working for up to 30 minutes.

Cop Rose x5p smart robot window cleaner is a high-quality item that provides with clean, spotless windows and other surfaces. It is made to be durable, and safe. Overall, a great item.

Cop Rose x5p Anti-Drop Design
Smart Robot Window Cleaner

Cop Rose x5p Inelligent Robot Window Cleaner

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