Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Smart Cleaning Robot

Often we see commercials and movies, with extremely clean windows. We often wonder how they do so, when it is such a hassle. For that reason, many different window cleaners have been invented and let out onto the market. In this review, we have observed such an item, the Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Smart Cleaning Robot with Anti-dropping algorithm.

This item is small and compact, with the dimensions being 29.50 x 15.00 x 12.50 cm and a weight of just 950 grams. White color of it is neutral and basic. It has many unique and useful features to help achieve the cleanest windows. First of all, it has a very powerful motor. This motor has suction that will draw in air, and helps the robot stay tight on the glass. With the cleaning pads, it will deeply remove all of the dirt and dust from the glass surface, without leaving any residue, streaks and so on.

The cleaning route of this Alfawise S60 Smart Window Cleaner Robot is a zigzag or Z form. It automatically goes up, then down, left then down, right then down and so on. This way, it is sure to reach every single part. With the Al technology, this robot cleaner detects different window frames and obstacles that might be in the way.

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The requirement for the glass, is that it needs to be thicker than 6mm including the frame. This robot cleaner works at a speed of one square meter in four minutes. The cleaner itself can be controlled with the remote control offered in the package, or through an APP that they can connect to with their mobile device.

Built in, this Alfawise s60 Window Cleaner Robot has a 3.7V battery, but if the power is out, this cleaner has a backup one. The backup power has support for another 30 minutes, so that the robot can reach its starting place and finish its job. A safety rope is also provided for these types of situations. The entire package consists of a cleaner, an adapter, 4m extension cord, remote controller, two batteries, four cleaning wheels, a safety rope, fourteen cleaning pads, a spray bottle, and an english user manual.

Alfawise s60 Window Cleaning Robotic smart gadget is a great, convenient and high quality item for spotless windows and glass surfaces. It is safe, powerful and well thought through.

Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Smart Cleaning Robot,
Zigzag Automatic Cleaning Robot, App RC

Alfawise Window Cleaner Cleaning Robot

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