MEIZU Live Headsets Wired Dynamic High-End Earphones

Music is everywhere: it’s on the streets, in the TV, in our phones, and in our heads. A lot of people cannot even imagine going out of home without their favorite earphones. However, those wires tend to break down easily and then you are left wondering what to buy. For those of you who are in doubt, we have reviewed MEIZU Live Headsets Wired Dynamic High-End Earphones. Here is what we found out.

MEIZU LIVE Wired Dynamic Earphone

MEIZU Live Headsets
Wired Dynamic High-End Earphones

These wired earphones consist of a mix of transparent polycarbonate and metal parts constructed using metal powder metallurgy. Inside, the in-ear headphones are made of four precisely engineered balanced armature units which have low-frequency armatures and medium and high-frequency armatures to ensure great user experience. The earphones also have a microphone and an answering mode, which is very handy when you are exercising. The wire of the headset is made of 8 high-purity low-resistance silver plated OFC core weavings to ensure high-quality and swift signal transmission. The cable is 1.2 meters long. The sensitivity of the headset is high: 97dB.

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MEIZU LIVE Quad Unit Drivers Wired Dynamic Earphone

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The frequency response is 20 – 40KHz so the sound should be nice and clear. Quad unit drivers also use an MMCX connector. They come with replaceable tuning nozzles that allow you to change the frequency as you deem fit. Finally, if you do not find them comfortable for your ears, you can always change the ear tips and you will have 7 options to choose from. The headphones are portable and come with an IPX7 rated carrying case. The weigh is only 30 grams – they will never bother you. Earphones are compatible with any phone or computer that has a 3.5mm connecting interface which is standard size.

MEIZU LIVE Quad Unit Drivers Wired Dynamic Earphone would be suitable for Gaming, Running, Sport or Working. The headphones are portable, look stylish and have a nice and deep sound. This, they will definitely provide you with a unique user experience.

MEIZU LIVE Quad Unit Drivers Dynamic Earphone

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