Alfawise Robotic Window Cleaner Smart Cleaning Robot

If you live in a big apartment with spacious windows, cleaning them may be a hazard. Moreover, if you have to manage dirt and If you live in a big apartment with spacious windows, cleaning them may be a hazard. Moreover, if you have to manage dirt and debris on large windows of your cafe or store, it may be much more cost and time–efficient to buy a robot cleaner instead of hiring window cleaners. Alfawise WIN660 Robotic Window Cleaner Smart Cleaning Robot, which is featured in the following review, promises to clean up a 3838 window in less than 3 minutes. How much time does it take for you?

Initially, it’s worth noticing that some of previous models by Alfawise have been reported falling off the glass. Also, safety is a big question, especially if the windows of your room are placed above the street or kids playground. One might expect that this lag is fixed in this newer item, as the manufacturer promises that the unit won’t fall off in a few hours after the battery is empty. But it is highly recommended to use safety rope in case the robot detaches from the glass.

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Alfawise Robotic Window Cleaner

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The item works rather silently (its sound reminds a little of the noise of a hairdryer from a closed room), so you can run it while your kids are sleeping or customers still walking in the store. In earnest, there’s not much use cleaning windows with multiple frames and divisions with this unit – you’ll end up detaching and attaching it every other minute. Although, with really big windows Alfawise Smart Cleaning Robot works really well, very rarely bumping into the edges and covering all surface of the glass. If old filth comes off not well, try using other cleaning solution, or – a little hack – heat the solution before putting it on the cleaning rug.

Alfawise Robotic Window Cleaner has a remote, and 4 cleaning pads with a cleaning solution bottle. The latter are reusable and very eco-friendly – you can wash pads with your laundry and refill the bottle with a homemade cleaning liquid or any universal cleaning solution that you use in your shop or office.

In the long run, a window robot cleaner will definitely pay off. What you would also find helpful and beneficial are silent and fast work, accompanied with a price really affordable for even a small business or a medium household.

Alfawise WIN660 Robotic Window Cleaner
Smart Cleaning Robot

Alfawise WIN660 Robotic Window Cleaner

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