Alfawise Q6 Wireless Home Security IP Camera

Starting to build your own house and need some eye upon the building ground? Spend less time at home and need to ensure security? Want to control the warehouse of your products? Then you need a third eye – an IP camera that would clearly and conveniently transfer visual data. Alfawise Q6 Wireless Night Vision Home Security IP Camera Monitor is really cheap. Perhaps, Alfawise proposes the most affordable offer on the market. So, what do you get for the money? Read in the following review.

In Alfawise Q6 Wireless Home Security IP Camera Monitor the box really reminds the package of Escam Q6 IP camera in design, being made of the same cardboard and even decorated with the same logo. Camera itself also reminds of Escam product, but has a brand name on top. In the package you get a bracket, a USB cable (no power adapter included), and several accessories for installation.

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Alfawise Q6 Home Security IP Camera

Alfawise Q6 Home Security IP Camera,
Wireless remote control, Night vision function

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This unit works in the same app Yousee as the EScam does. You connect via Bluetooth, enter a special code from the camera and now can observe the image from it on your smartphone. Wifi on the unit reaches from 10 to 15 meters. The quality of image is surprisingly good given the declared 1.3 mp. If you need to store the supervision data, there is a slot for an up to 128 GB TF\SD card slot. To add to that, you can use night vision and audio transfer – that serves as some elementary Skype substitute.

Hence, a camera by Alfawise is a good solution if you need a simple device to guard your own house. It is cheap, gives a clear enough picture, easily connects to a smartphone and – as a bonus – has a 5 m motion detector.

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