Xiaomi App Control Smart Building Magnetic Blocks Robot

We are always trying to find different games and toys to keep our children busy and active. Many children these days enjoy only computer games and other electronic gadgets, but in this review, we are going to observe a great toy for kids that is sure to grab their attention. This item is the Xiaomi MITU App Control Smart Building Magnetic Blocks Robot.

Xiaomi toy 2

This building blocks robot is offered on the market for a reasonable price, compared to all of its features and even other similar items. The package itself consists of many different parts such as the master control, motor, battery box, five bags of building blocks, one storage box, a sticker, and a manual. There are 305 pieces to put together, which is less than many other robots, but still enough. Instead it makes it much easier to find a place to start from.

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Xiaomi MITU Smart Robot

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There are 3 main styles and eight different kinds of ways to enjoy it. This allows children to explore their creative side. There is a dynamic 3D manual, that helps you put it together and observe from 360 degrees. All of the building blocks and other parts are made out of durable and high quality material, that is also safe for children to use and play with.

All of the electronic parts have a magnetic interface for quick assemble. When put together, the motor has ARM Cortex Mx 32 bit processor, which provides with many different possibilities. It is powered by two AA batteries, which last for quite the time and are easy to switch out.

With Bluetooth, children can connect their robot to the APP on a mobile device, for a fun and easy way of controlling it. More than 10 different programs are provided for your child to develop. All of the parts are also compatible with other MITU building blocks, which makes this item even suitable for adults.

Xiaomi MITU smart building block robot is a great, fun, and creative item for children and adults. It is made out of quality material, safe for the entire family. A wide variety of different figures can be made, all depending on your creativity.

Xiaomi App Control Smart Building
Magnetic Blocks Robot

Xiaomi toy 1.jpg

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