Alfawise S200 Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Morning rituals are almost always the same as, not yet awake, our bodies do everything automatically, without giving anything proper thought. Brushing your teeth falls in that category as well. Nowadays, a lot of people prefer electric toothbrushes arguing they are better for your health and clean teeth way better than regular ones. For our review, we have observed an Alfawise S200 3 Brushing Modes Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush. Here is what we found out.

The Alfawise S200 Sonic Electric Toothbrush has 3 brushing modes, specifically Clean (the fastest and effective), Massage (soft and slow), and Whiten (strong vibration but slow) to meet your unique oral care needs and make sure your teeth stay healthy. The High-density DuPont nylon brush is soft and comfortable for your teeth. The electric toothbrush also has a two-minute timer to ensure you clean your teeth enough to stay healthy.

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Alfawise S200 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Alfawise S200 Sonic Electric Toothbrush,
USB interface, IPX7 Waterproof design

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The magnetic suspensor motor with vibration frequency of 3100 per minute and 230 torque output it will provide an ultimate brushing experience for you and your family. The handle is of IPX7 waterproof level to ensure maximum safety. The smart toothbrush also has a 30-second area reminder.

Finally, the battery capacity is 800mAh which is enough for 30 days of brushing while the charging time is only 4 hours. And, do not worry, you will not miss the charging – the smart brush will notify when the battery is running low. The smart toothbrush comes with a charger that has an indicator light. Additionally, 2 replaceable brush heads are provided along with one USB cable. The Alfawise Sonic Electric Toothbrush is easy to carry anywhere and is specially designed for bathroom use.

This handy and stylish gadget will make sure you and your family stay healthy and take care of your teeth in the best way. Several brushing modes, water resistance, a magnetic motor – all of these characteristics will contribute to a unique brushing experience. Trust it to treat you carefully.

Alfawise 3 Brushing Modes Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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