Professional Advanced Portable 3D Printer

If you are fond of new technologies, namely the printing of 3D models, then you need to choose a printer that will please you with functionality and quality of performance. In this review, we will look at FLSUN S Professional Portable 3D Printer with advanced printing technology.

This printer is equipped with all the necessary functions to make the resulting 3D printing models look good. 4.3-inch touch screen allows you to easily use and manage FLSUN S Complete 3D Printer, as well as monitor the process of 3D printing in real time. The size of the print reaches up to 108 x 68 x 200mm, which is enough to print large parts and quality models.

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Portable 3D Printer

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The photo-curing technology, helps to achieve high-definition 3D models and to conduct a clean and high-performance operation of the printer.

Industrial-grade Z-axis is an additional function and helps to achieve even more detailed printing. FLSUN S Complete 3D Printer allows you to easily and simply perform an automatic alignment system, just by tightening or loosening the screws. Compact design of the printer allows you to place it in almost any place and does not provide with any problems to transport it.

For easy processing of the 3D model, there is a clean metallic heating layer. To ensure the printing process, you just use the UV resin filament. The printer supports USB off-line printing and Wi-Fi online printing. The speed of 3D printing is 20mm / h, which is a quick enough solution among the other competitors.

The voltage of the printer is 110-240V, which makes it possible to use the printer almost in any electric power conditions. The working power is 60W. The dimensions of the FLSUN S Complete 3D Printer are 19.50 x 19.50 x 42.50 cm and it has a weight of 9.0 kg. Despite its powerful functionality, the printer remains compact and very convenient to use. The kit includes the 3D Printer, and 500g of filament.

FLSUN S Complete 3D Printer is suitable for both professional work and as a hobby. 3D models will be made precisely and with quality. They will also be made quite quickly!

Professional Portable 3D Printer
with advanced printing technology

FLSUN S Complete 3D Printer

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