H6 300 m Wireless Distance Voice Intercom Doorbell

We all want to know who is outside our door and is trying to reach us. People often install different cameras to have a clear view. Cameras can be bulky, large and very clear in sight. For that reason, many people turn to different intercom items. In this review, we are going to take a look at the H6 300 m Wireless Distance Voice Intercom Doorbell.

This H6 wireless voice intercom doorbell has a trendy and stylish appearance. It is offered in two different color combinations. The first one is black and golden, and the second one is silver and black. Both combinations are made to fit in well with your home or office. It is made out of plastic material, although it is quite durable and long lasting. The package itself includes 1 x Outdoor Bell, 1 x Indoor Bell, 1 x USB Cable ( 44cm ), 1 x Screw Driver, 1 x English User Manual, and 2 x Adhesive. Installation is rather easy and quick.

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H6 Wireless Voice Intercom Doorbell

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The outdoor bell is made to be powered by four AAA batteries, which are made to last for a decent amount of time, up to 6 months. Indoor bell on the other hand, has a 180 mAh battery installed, that is rechargeable for even more convenience and comfort in usage. Both bells have a small size, with a weight of 103 grams, making them help conserve space. An LED indicator is available, that helps tell what the status of the battery is like and if it is time to change it or recharge it.

This voice intercom doorbell has a long wireless distance, of about 300 meters, for easy communication. Loud and adjustable speakers are built in, which make the voice clear and sharp, without any foreign background noise. One just needs to hold on the button and talk.

This H6 wireless voice intercom doorbell is offered on the market for a great price, which is extremely affordable. It is sure to provide with convenience in communication with those outside your door, without needing to open up right away. It is an item that is most likely needed for all homes and offices.

H6 300 m Wireless Distance
Voice Intercom Doorbell

Voice Intercom Doorbell

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