Two Way Audio Night Vision Doorcam Smart Video Doorbell

It can be a hassle installing an intercom for your outside door and a surveillance camera as well. We are lucky to live in a modern world that has many other technological advances and items to provide with the most amount of comfort and convenience. In this review, we have will look at the IPC Wireless Two Way Audio Night Vision Doorcam Smart Video Doorbell.

This Night Vision Doorcam Smart Video Doorbell comes in a silver color with black inserts and a modern and stylish design. It is small and compact to fit in great with your home or office. The dimensions of it are 7.50 x 4.00 x 14.30 cm, with the weight being 200 grams. It is powered by two 18650 batteries, that are made to provide with up to 8 to 12 months of usage time.
One can also connect a AC power supply to the video doorbell via the power hole, depending on what is more convenient for the user.

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2 Way Audio Night Video Doorbell

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It is made to be durable, and even dustproof, to always supply with the high quality. Starting the video doorbell is easy, and can be done with just one press of a button. Hisilicon HI3518E processor makes this video doorbell always function smoothly without any problems. A 1.7mm with F2.4 aperture and 166 degree viewing angle provides with images and videos at a 720 pixel resolution quality. Night vision is also possible for safety in the darker parts of the day.

Two way intercom makes it easy to communicate with no other noise. It possible to connect this video doorbell to your mobile device via an app by WiFi wireless connection. Once that is done, you will receive different notifications, for example when motion is detected. 32GB TF card can be installed for storing all of the videos that this camera records.

Wireless Battery WiFi H.264 IPC- D3 Video Doorbell is a convenient item for your home or business. It not only provides with the opportunity to communicate with the other person, but also makes it possible to clear view him or her. Price is affordable and the quality is great.

Two Way Audio Night Vision Doorcam
Smart Video Doorbell

Night Vision Doorcam Video Doorbell

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