Alfawise Tab 64GB 7.9-inch Retina Display Tablet PC

In today’s review we take a look at Alfawise Tab 64GB 7.9-inch retina Display Tablet PC. The manufacturer promises that their item is as good as Xiaomi Mi Pad 3. Well, let’s see if this Golden color Tablet PC is really so.

Speaking in concern of the design, this tablet has nothing special in lines or colors, but no visual trash as well – just light colors and minimum lines or buttons. Probably this is the first difference from a stylish minimalist Mi Pad. The metal case seems to be a little too big in comparison to the screen, but if you are not to much into that aesthetics and proportion balance, this won’t bother you.

Alfawise Tab Tablet PC

In the package you get the pad, USB cable and a power adapter, which is is unusually small (maybe that’s a bonus for minimizing storage space). Front camera is 5 mp, and the rear one is 8 mp. As the latter has no structure advances, you get rather plain photos. On Mi Pad the main camera is 13 mp, providing slightly clearer photos. On the contrary, the display of media content on Alfawise is really good, and battery capacity allows 12 hours of video playing.

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Alfawise Tab Tablet PC

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In this item there obviously are some things that you would have to compromise with, e.g. mediocre design and camera. But, there are benefits to this gadget, too – dual band 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz WiFi provides swift browsing, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM make the operation fast and smooth (and really match Xiaomi rival). Also, the body is made of metal, meaning no cracks and cheapy plastic touch.

Given this points, Alfawise Tab Tablet PC is a nice buddy of a traveler or a commuter – you can enjoy visual and audio content in really high quality, as well as read books or browse Internet without lags. The unit would also make a good gift to a schoolchild or your elderly parent. Also, if you devote lots of time to SMM work, blog writing, teaching via Skype or selling products on Amazon, the pad would make a perfect “working station” for you.

Alfawise Tab 64GB 7.9-inch
Retina Display Tablet PC

Alfawise Tab Tablet PC

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