Amazon Alexa Voice Control Smart Home Security System

Alfawise SA – 1168 – T90 Alarm Amazon Alexa Voice Control Smart Home Security System Kit is one of the cheapest home monitoring systems on the market. This review’s goal is to find out if the product is a real deal or a low-quality gimmick.

It’s really tough to find a security system with magnetic points, motion sensors and a doorbell for this price. The physical installation is easy. The main unit just plugs into any wall unit that the wifi can be reached. Then, download the app, connect to the main unit via wifi and pair it with your wifi router. When the main unit is connected to the router, start by changing the password. Actually, after this the main unit is set.

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Alfawise Alarm Smart Home Security Kit

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The next step is to think about where to place the sensor optimally. For example, place the motion sensor where it can sense the motion from the rear entrance and one where it can sense the front entrance. The magnetic sensors can be placed on the doors so it can detect when the door opens. After placing the sensors, you remove the tabs on the sensors to power them up. On the app, you can choose to pair each of the sensors and activate the sensor by open or close the windows/doors and motion sensors so the main unit will receive signals and pair the sensor that you just activated one by one. Rename the sensors so you know where each one is located. So good so far, there are little things I can complain about.

On the other hand, when monitoring the web I bumped on many complaints about the system. Some of the consumers report that the system wouldn’t stay connected to any router overnight or will go off for no reason. If the first problem is true, such a mistake can be fatal one day.

In short, Alfawise SA – 1168 – T90 Home Smart Security Alarm is excellent for minor control and basic options. You can perfectly keep an eye upon your toddlers or pets, windows you forget to close or guests you didn’t hear come. Big advantages are versatile and flexible connectivity, affordable price, durable but not noticeable pieces, and convenient doorbell option.

Alfawise Amazon Alexa Voice Control
Smart Home Security System Kit

Alarm Smart Home Security Kit

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