Super Bright 700M Far Beam Powerful LED Flashlight

Flashlights is something that one uses quite often, and has in their home for different emergencies and not only. We are all used to the basic flashlight, but with the modern advances, new ones have come out. In this review, we are going to take a look at the Imalent Super Bright 16000 Lm 700M far beam distance Waterproof Double Mode Powerful LED Flashlight.

This flashlight is of a black color, neutral and bold. It has a shiny appearance, which is quite usual for a flashlight. The body is made out of highly durable aluminum alloy. IPX8 standard waterproof makes this powerful LED flashlight ideal for any weather condition and it can even be submerged under water up to 2 meters. Impact resistance of this flashlight is 1.5 meters, so that it does not easily break.

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Aluminum OP reflector is made to evenly distribute beam evenly from up to 601 to 700 meters away from the wanted object. The light itself is of a white color, with the brightness being up to 16000 lumens. Color temperature of the light is 6500K, being vivid. One can enter the Turbo Mode when using it, by pressing and holding the left switch for up to 2 seconds for the brightness to be 16000 lumens. By pressing on the right button, one can adjust the brightness starting from 80 lumens, then 1000 lumens and 8000 lumens.

An OLED screen is provided that provides with parameters such as output, voltage, temperature and more. To prevent it from overheating, this flashlight has great built in temperature control. For example, when the flashlight reaches the temperature of 50 degrees in Celsius, the screen is made to flash 8 times with the overheat warning symbol and will blink every 30 seconds. After that, the brightness will automatically lower to 1800 lumens. Imalent DT70 bright flashlight is ran by four 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries, that provide for up to 40 hours of usage.

Imalent super bright rechargeable Far Beam Powerful LED Flashlight is in the higher price range, but is sure to provide with just the needed amount of light. It is bright, durable and long lasting, with long battery and light life.

Imalent Super Bright 16000 Lm 700M far beam distance
Waterproof Double Mode Powerful LED Flashlight.

Far Beam Powerful LED Flashlight

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