7.0-inch Display Video Door Phone Intercom Doorbell

If you need to carefully protect the entrance to your home, office or any other important premises, you simply need a doorbell video surveillance system. One of such systems is – SY816A11 7.0-inch Display Motion detector Video Door Phone Intercom Doorbell withApp control, that we are going to observe in this review.

This video doorbell is offered with excellent functionality and quality of performance. The system is controlled by a 7-inch screen with a TFT matrix, without any radiation and with low power consumption. 1/3 inch CMOS, 1000 TV Line camera is for visitor monitoring. It has a resolution of 960 x 480 pixels, with good quality of the transmitted image to the dashboard. The viewing angle is 92 degrees and is actually adjustable. The duration of the call is 120 seconds.

The monitor duration time is 60 Seconds for viewing. There are infrared lights to provide users with night vision. You do not have to worry about looking out the window, even in the dark. Case SY816A11 Video Intercom Doorbell is designed specifically to protect against access of water, in order to avoid the failure of it.

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SY816A11 7 Inches Video Door Phone Intercom Doorbell

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The design is very comfortable and ergonomic, with bright and beautiful touch buttons. Installation is easy and can be followed with the instructions. On the dashboard, there are 4 touch buttons on the right such as an intercom button, unlock button, monitor button, and interior intercom. On the left side are the physical buttons such as melody, volume up, menu, and volume down. On the camera itself you can find 6 infrared lights, camera, loudspeaker, call button, light Sensor and Mic.

The package itself includes 1 x Outdoor Camera, 1 x Indoor Monitor, 1 x Adapter, 1 x 6-core Connection Cable, 1 x 2-core Connection Cable, 1 x Package of Screws, and 1 x English User Manual. The weight of the whole device is 442 grams.

In general, the quality of materials and assembly is at a high level, with excellent functionality, ensuring uninterrupted operation, both at night and on heavily rainy days. The camera has a good image transmission. Communication between you and the visitor is convenient and with easy and clear control. SY816A11 7 Inches Video Door Phone Intercom Doorbell is a good security video system for full protection for an affordable price.

Video Door Phone Intercom Doorbell

Phone Intercom Doorbell

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