Xiaomi Mi Smart Home iHealth Thermometer

A Chinese brand Xiaomi launches more and more health-related products, like smart bio impedance scales or fitness trackers and even adds health-protection options to smartphones that no more wreak havoc on your circadian rhythms with blue light. Therefore, it’s no surprise this brand now sells a medical gadget – smart thermometer. In the following review we will check out, what is special about Xiaomi Mi Smart Home iHealth Thermometer and if it’s worth buying.

To begin with, Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer isn’t as cheap as old mercury thermometers or newer digital thermometers. For the same price you can buy a step tracker or even a body scale.
Well, what are the specs of such a pricey device?

The thermometer runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included in the package). You might not like this if you try to reduce the consumption of pollutant accumulators, but I presume this set of batteries will work for years, as we don’t use thermometers to often. The design of the unit is traditionally minimalist, and, honestly saying, almost flawless.

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Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer

Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer

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In terms of usage, the thermometer is significantly more comfortable than traditional ones. This is especially obvious with kids – now you can put it on any spot of the body and hold only a few seconds. To get the most precise number, put the sensors against your forehead at up to 3 sm distance. It needs no contact with skin, so you can estimate temperature of several people without infection transfer use and need to clean it up after each session. By the way, it also can estimate room temperature – that’s important when setting a room for a sick person. But beware and don’t leave kids to play with the thermometer – hitting. falling or water drowning will be harmful for it.

Possibly the only flaw is it’s big size – not so comfy to store or to take in a trip. In essence, Xiaomi Mi Home iHealth Thermometer is a perfect addition to Mi Health devices family. The item is beautifully designed, well-performing and very convenient to use.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home iHealth Thermometer

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home iHealth Thermometer

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