Elephone U 4G Phablet FHD 5.99-inch 128GB Smartphone

Cellphones are the basic need of today’s world, and they cover more and more fields of human life. In the following review we put our hands on a smartphone that can do almost everything for you – from recognizing your face to making your professional photo, paying for you in the supermarket and suggesting where to hang out with friends. That is an Elephone U 4G Phablet Full HD 5.99-inch screen 128GB Smartphone.

Elephone U 4G Phablet comes with a 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM, and supports memory extension up to 128 GB – well, that’s huge, meaning you no more need to transfer your photos, videos and recordings to the PC to ‘clean up’ the phone – now it can handle that stuff.

Probably the biggest novelty of this smartphone is the curved Gorilla glass display. The unit somewhat resembles Galaxy S8, where the screen occupies almost all panel. Not only does it look very stylish, smooth and futuristic, but also allows to hide there some apps that you use more frequently and need on hand.

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Elephone U 4G Phablet

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Needless to say, such body makes it very comfy to keep in hands. Also it makes typing messages, posts or even articles on WordPress more quick, as you have to scroll-less and have a wider outlook. Another feature that brings this phablet’s owner closer to the future is NFC technology support, which allows to pay with your smartphone in the supermarkets and cafes that have automatic payment terminal.  Yet, this is only available on Elephone U Pro.

As for the performance, the RAM of this phablet allows to run multiple apps at the same time or play games without lagging. Speaking of the camera, triple cameras do prove worth, yet there are only 13 MP.

Given these points, one can resolve that Elephone U big screen Smartphone is the statement phablet. For a tech gourmet, a busy businessman or a successful blogger – if you can afford it, it will pay off. Qualitative hardware, excellent design and powerful camera, topped with privacy protection (fingerprint and face unlock) and durable battery are the main advantages of the item.

Elephone U 4G Phablet FHD 5.99-inch Full HD Screen
128GB Smartphone

Elephone U 4G Phablet FHD

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