Smart Anti-Slip System 3D Floating Revolving Shaver

All men want to take care of their appearance, and have a clean shave and trim. For that reason, many invest in great electric shavers. In this review, we are going to take a look at a high-quality execution FLYCO FS352 Smart Anti-Slip System 3D Floating Revolving Shaver.

All that is necessary for a modern man, you can find in this model from Flyco. The design is made in the classical man’s style with ergonomic and convenient design. The body consists entirely of black glossy plastic with inserts. On the front side, there is a power button and a small LCD display for information about the state of the electric razor, and a corporate logo with the name of the model. On the back side there is a trimmer, and some information on the electric shaver.

Smart 3D Floating Revolving Shaver

FLYCO FS352 is equipped with three floating heads, providing with quality and safe shaving. Inside is a rotary mechanism, with a unique system of lifting the hair, for a comfortable shaving. You can forget about traumatizing your skin, thanks to the grid system of protection from the knives of the razor.
Cleaning is carried out by flushing or special brushes, but remember that it is not recommended to wet the electric shaver intensively, in order to avoid damage. FLYCO FS352 is suitable only for dry shaving.

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3D Floating Revolving Shaver

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Using the trimmer, you can shave off long hair or adjust the length. This shaver has low vibration, which reduces noise to as little as possible. This makes it great for those who are forced to shave in the early morning or late evening. With this razor, you will not be of disturbance to surrounding people.

Intelligent anti-slip system and triple-track concave foil system will make this shaver perfect for you. FLYCO FS352 has a battery capacity of 800mAh, making it work from both the adapter and the battery charge. The product dimensions are 14.50 x 5.00 x 6.00 cm and the weight is only 192 grams. The razor itself is light and compact making ideal for bring along with you.

This electric shaver is great for men who need a thorough daily hygiene. Good design, material quality, durability, water resistance, low noise, convenient touch screen, ergonomic and very comfortable shaving is all possible thanks to the assembly of the model from FLYCO.

FLYCO FS352 3D Floating Revolving Electric Shaver,
Smart Anti-Slip System

Smart Floating Revolving Shaver

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