PHILPS Washable Ergonomic Double Heads Electric Shaver

Electric razors are some of the most used items within men. In this review, we are observing the PHILPS S561 Washable Double Heads Electric Shaver, with a high quality, ergonomic and expensive design.

The razor is very comfortable to hold in the hand, thanks to the material it is made out of and its design. The quality is high, with just about no complaints. On the front panel, there is a silver plastic Philips brand logo, a wide power button with a smooth stroke, and three beautiful indicators representing the lock of the razor, the charge and the state of the charge.

Ergonomic Two Heads Electric Shaver

The razor itself is wireless and recharges in eight hours. Above is a floating cutter with two heads and a rotary mechanism. Thanks to this, shaving turns out smooth and the bristles are cut under the root. The floating mechanism allows you to observe the anatomical features of your face, shaving your hair even in hard-to-reach places.

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PHILPS S561 12 Electric Shaver

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The razor has low vibrations and produces little noise, it is suitable for shaving in the early morning or late evening, without disturbing other people. Cutting blades are made out of stainless German steel, with long lasting usage. PHILPS S561 is suitable for both dry and wet shaving. It is possible to get water on the razor, without fear of it not working. The rugged body does not allow water to enter the razor.

The product weight is 450 grams. Cleaning the razor is easy and fast, and is not difficult to do so. This electric razor is convenient to take with you on the road in the travel soft bag. The charge lasts for 30 minutes of continuous use. Thanks to the locking system, you can protect yourself against accidental cuts.

PHILIPS S561 electric shaver is made out of great quality, with a comfortable and ergonomic design. It is sure to provide with the shave or trim that you need right in your home. You will no longer have to take trips to the barber shop and spend money. This way it helps save time and money. PHILIPS is known for their high quality, and we can recommend it.

PHILPS S561 Washable Double Heads Electric Shaver

Two Heads Electric Shaver

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