Budget Electric Shaver 3D Floating Washable Electric Razor

Every man should look handsome and right, because it as we all already know, appearance gives the first impression of a person. Therefore, today we have such an irreplaceable thing that we have reviewed, as a man’s electric shaver. FLYCO FS339 Budget Electric Shaver 3D Floating Washable Electric Razor, is one that we want to share about.

First of all, it has an attractive and most importantly compact design for comfortable and convenient use of the razor on the daily. The glossy surface makes the electric shaver fashionable and manly, the only downside in this, is the body can easily collect stains from your fingers and so on, but that is just an opinion. The back surface has matte colored plastic, as well as details on the characteristics of the electric shaver, an individual serial number and a white icon indicating that the razor can be rinsed under water due to IPX7 design. Of course, such a feature certainly affects the process of shaving in a positive way, eliminating any restriction in the usage of water.

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FLYCO FS339 Shaver Electric Razor

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The 3D head of the machine has a smooth floating stroke, for maximum comfort during shaving. The machine has intelligent grinding technique and finest cutting steel blade for precision. Intelligent control system is included for comfort and safe usage. Intelligent anti pinch helps protect the skin.

On the front panel there is a large and convenient power button and a noticeable display for providing with information on the charge of the electric shaver, the number of times used and the status of the lock. Since this electric razor is fully cordless, it has a rechargeable battery installed. The fullest charge is enough for an average of 4 shaves. FLYCO FS339 3D Floating Shaver Electric Razor is suitable for both dry and wet shaving, with the ability to use even while in the shower. Product size is 5.00 x 5.00 x 15.00 cm, making it very compact.

In general, it is great for comfortable shaving on the daily basis. The FLYCO FS339 3D floating electric shaver is made with quality, for precise, durable, and convenient usage. It is also affordable on the market!

Budget Electric Shaver 3D Floating
Washable Electric Razor

Budget Electric Shaver

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