NO.1 F6 Smartwatch Heart Rate monitor Sports Watch

Smart fitness personal tackers help gain more control over your NEAT (non exercise activity time), sleep and heart rate. NO.1 F6 Waterproof Smartwatch Heart Rate Monitor Sports Smart Watch is one of that type gizmos, yet in a rather unusual form of a watch, unlike the all-over-known bands. Well, in today’s review we’ll look over, how it helps stacking up against your daily goals.

The first feature of the smart watch is step tracking – it displays steps, kilometers and calories burnt. In addition to that, the unit also has sleeping monitor and heart rate monitor, which may be not as precise as step trekker, but still good for a general view. Two outstanding features are alarm clock and finding phone notification.

NO.1 F6 Smartwatch

It’s way more pleasant to wake up to a vibration than to an annoying alarm. This really makes getting up less stressful and if you don’t mind sleeping with a rather massive watch on your wrist, you would appreciate this. The watch has an app, somewhat similar to MiFit – Fundo Pro, which saves and synchronizes the data. The main language of the tool is Chinese. Luckily, you can change language from Chinese to any from the app list.

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NO.1 F6 Smartwatch Sports Watch

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The watch comes with a charging cable, though it is not a USB, but a magnetic one. It has a NRF51822 Chip inside, and the manufacturer promises that the watch can standby for 120 days, and work for 50. That is more than Xiaomi does, with 25 days of usage and a little less when profound sleep monitoring is on. Also, the smart watch is more durable than usual fitness bands. This gadget is dust- and waterproof, anti pressure, shockproof, anticorrosion and anti-scratch. Finally, the unit has alarms for most cellphone notifications – this would really help those people who train long hours in swimming pools, dance halls or gyms and really don’t have that attachment to checking Instagram every 30 minutes.
For the most part, this item is a very good choice for consumers who are serious about hiking or swimming in harsh conditions, keeping in check their health and being really comfortable with remote cellphone notifications. On top of the pie you get a very reasonable price and impressive masculine design.

NO.1 F6 Waterproof Smartwatch
Heart Rate Monitor Sports Smart Watch

Heart Rate monitor Sports Watch

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