Waterproof Wireless Bike Computer + Night Riding Light

If you are fond of sports, and in particular cycling, then you are sure to be in need of a device that will help track your results and achievements. We did a review of such a device, this is the SHANREN SR-BLC10-B Waterproof Wireless Smart Bike Computer with Night Riding Light for bicycle. In this device you can find almost everything you need.

This bicycle computer has a comfortable and ergonomic design made with high-quality ABS material, thanks to which, the gadget is reliable and durable for everyday use. This gadget includes a 2.1 inch LCD display with branded font and support for Chinese and English.

SHANREN SR-BLC10-B bicycle computer has the ability to record as many as 17 different items, which sure pleases fans and allows them to set records and accurately track their results. Current cadence, Average cadence, Single ride distance, Maximum cadence, Single ride time, Average speed, Clock, Current speed, Total ride distance, Maximum speed, Total ride time, LCD backlight, Wake up automatically, Data storage, Power saving mode, Burning calories, Night riding lighting, are all features available on the SHANREN.

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SHANREN SR - BLC10 - B Bike Computer

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The case itself has protection against moisture and water with IP65 grade, thanks to this you can use the gadget in any weather condition. 2.4G wireless speed cadence code light is available. The backlight of the LCD display is high, where the brightness can reach up to 400lm maximum. The lamp has several working modes beginning from intensive to energy saving. The working time of the lamp is up to 12 hours. The bike computer itself works 215 hours, after the low-voltage lights are no longer working, while the bike computer can work for up 8 hours. SHANREN SR-BLC10-B bicycle computer has a charging time of only 4 hours. Built in is a Li-ion battery (included in the product) is 2800mAh. The bicycle computer has dimensions of 11.30 x 3.70 x 5.80 cm and weight of 121 grams, being compact and quite small.

This cycling computer is great for those who regularly participate and want to track their results. The kit includes 1 x Bike Computer, 1 x Sensor, 1 x Frame, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Induced Magnet, 1 x Hexagon Tool, 1 x Spacer, and 4 x Rubber Band. SHANREN SR-BLC10-B bicycle computer is affordable in price and can be recommended to all lovers of cycling.

Waterproof Wireless Bike Computer
With Night Riding Light for Bicycle

Bike Computer, Night Riding

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