Fingerprint Recognition Smart Card Door Lock

Most of us want to have modern homes and offices. We remodel them to be beautiful, with different indoor and outdoor designs. One of the first things that we usually change in our homes and offices, is the door. When changing the door, or even if we keep our old one, it is important to install a durable and safe lock. In this review, we have observed the GRT 903 Intelligent Fingerprint Recognition Smart Card Door Lock.

This Intelligent door lock has many different features to offer for full protection of your home or office. First of all, it is offered in a silver color, that is neutral and appealing at the same time. It will provide with an attractive and modern appearance of your door which actually makes the home or office overall more contemporary.

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GRT 903 Smart Card Door Lock

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This Smart Door Lock is easy to install in just about any door, with the size of it being 11.93 x 3.03 x 1.3 inches and weight of 3 kilograms and 610 grams. It can be unlocked and opened with three absolutely different methods.

The first is by the scan of your fingerprint, second with a password and lastly by a mechanical key. Fingerprint method can include up to 100 different fingerprints. One to three different fingerprints can be set as management ones, and the rest as general. This feature is convenient for office use, where there are many different people who need access. With the password, there can be up to 51 different kinds, where only one is set as the management.

The door can be locked by just rotating the knob, where after that only the management fingerprints and password can unlock it. This Fingerprint Password Intelligent Card Door Lock also has a low voltage alarm when unlocking it. When the wrong password is entered, an alarm goes off as well. This stainless steel GRT 903 Fingerprint Recognition Smart Door Lock is made out of quality. It is sure to provide with safety and protection, as well as be convenient. It is made to provide with antitheft, with its alarm system as well. Price of it is decent and reasonable, especially for the different features that it offers.

Fingerprint Password Smart Door Lock
Intelligent Card Door Lock

Smart Card Door Lock

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