Alfawise X5 Strong Suction Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The market of smart robotic house ware gets wider and wider – if a year or two ago there were a couple of market leaders launching gadgets compared in price with iPhones, today many more cheap alternatives appear. In this review we will be looking at one of those – a new cordless vacuum cleaner – Alfawise X5 Strong Suction Alexa Integrated Robot Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

Generally, this robot has wet mopping feature, gyroscope positioning system, zigzag cleaning, scheduling and auto charging. The unit comes in a nice matte black finish, making a perfect addition to almost any interior and color grade. Besides the vac, in the package you get a remote controller, a water tank, a dust bin, an adapter, 2 mops, 2 side brushes, a dock station, a magnetic strip (like in Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner), and a cleaning brush. I even got 2 double A batteries in my package. Take note that the plug doesn’t have an adapter, so you may need to buy one.

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Alfawise X5 Strong Suction Smart Cleaner

Alfawise X5 Strong Suction Alexa Integrated Robot
Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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To describe the usage, I must admit there’s nothing complicated. On top, you have three buttons or icons – home cleaning, spot cleaning and default cleaning. Spot cleaning means the robot would clean up in a certain area, moving in circular motions. Honestly, for me that doesn’t seem very useful, as it looks easier just to take a towel and wipe the spilt beverage up than to switch on a whole machine. Moving on, Zigzag cleaning is perfect for very polluted floors – the vac can’t clean up big piles of dust or debris at once, so it will go over and over until they are done. Finally, Home icon sends the vac to the charging station.

I find extremely convenient the ability to switch the unit on via smartphone – just don’t forget to plug the dock station on, and your house will be clean for the unexpected friend’s visit.

All in all, Alfawise unit is a very affordable smart house ware, that is easy to disassemble and store, operate via a smartphone app, and deals well with both slight layers of wet and dry dirt. If you don’t need anything fancy, but still enjoy style, flexibility and digitality of use – this basic cordless vac is for you.

Alfawise X5 Strong Suction Alexa Integrated Robot
Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Alfawise X5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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