Colorful GTX1060 Mini OC 8000MHz Gaming Graphics Card

Different gaming computers are offered on the wide market. There are many gamers of all ages, that enjoy spending all of their free time behind a computer. As gamers know, in order to properly play, a high quality computer is needed but most of all a graphics video card, from what most of it depends on. For those who are interested in such, we have reviewed the Colorful GTX1060 Mini OC 3G New Gaming Graphics Video Card with 8000MHz Video Memory Frequency, 3GB capacity and 192bit memory bus width.

This graphics video card is of a black color and is 7.09 x 4.92 x 1.5 inches in size. It is made to support just about any operating system, including Windows, one of the most often used and most popular. The entire back panel of the GTX1060 mini graphics video card is made out of metal material, that is durable and long lasting.

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Colorful GTX1060 Mini OC 3G New Gaming Graphics Card

Colorful GTX1060 Mini OC 3G
New Gaming Graphics Card

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This graphics video card also includes a sickle fan blade. Sick fan blade on this video card is designed to let air out for great air dissipation and to prevent overheating from occurring. As well as that, this video card has 16nm process technology that offers a smooth usage and wonderful gaming and movie watching experience. Power is supplied highly and steady which also adds to the smoothness of the operation.

3GB GDDR5 memory capacity with 8000MHz frequency provides with plenty of storage for all of your needs and recordings, which is convenient for all. Best of all, this video card supports resolution up to 7680 X 4320 pixel resolution of videos and images. All videos and games are sure to be bright, colorful, sharp and clear for the entire lively experience. The input and output interface of this graphics video card includes a DVI port, HDMI port and three display ports.

Colorful GX1060 mini OC 3G Graphics Video Card is in the medium price range of all of the different ones available. It has great features for full comfort and enjoyment when playing games and even watching movies. All images will be in outstanding quality, with the usage smooth, powerful and steady. This sure is an item that games will enjoy.

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