Mini Car DVR Dual Lens Full HD Dash Cam

Protecting our cars and ourselves while driving is as important as keeping our homes secure. Car alarm systems that are installed, only do half of the job, when the car is parked and locked. More newer technology makes drivers turn to different dash cameras. Dash cameras are great for recording your entire drive and some have even greater features. We have reviewed such a camera, the Mini Car DVR Dual Lens Full HD Dash Cam with Built-in GPS, Night Vision, Parking Monitoring and Motion Detection.

Small size of 2.68 x 1.89 x 1.57 inches with a weight of 68 grams, makes it easy to attach. The camera itself has a dual lens of 17mm in size with a f2.0 aperture and automatic ISO settings. 135-degree wide angle is made to capture everything surrounding your car. Compression of the videos and photographs is H.264. Altogether, this provides with video and image quality of 1920 X 1080 pixels, making it fully high definition.

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Car DVR Dual Lens FHD Dash Cam

Mini Car DVR Dual Lens FHD Dash Cam

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Another feature of this mini car DVR, is that it includes a double camera. It has one on the rear side to record the road, and an additional one on the front to capture what is going on inside the car. Switching between cameras is easy with just one button. 10-meter night vision, makes it safer to drive in the darker parts of the day as well. This mini 0906 car DVR also includes a GPS navigation, where the speed and date can be stamped on the videos for different safety reasons.

Motion detection is also installed. Even when you are gone, once the camera senses movement anywhere 3 meters from your car, it begins recording. With 24-hour parking monitor, the DVR will begin to record once the car starts. Auto power on and delay shutdown on this DVR make it possible to not use your hands, as well as that, a remote control is included. Loop cycle helps conserve space. It supports a TF card up to 128GB for storage. For previewing, this mini DVR has an LCD screen that is 320 X 240 pixels.

Mini 0906 car DVR is convenient and at the same time vital for a safe driving experience. In case there is an accident, you can always go back and preview what happened. Price of it is affordable and it is high quality with many features.

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