Multi-Function Smart Soup Maker with LCD Display

There are many diverse kitchen appliances that would be handy to have. One item that sure fits that is a multifunctional soup maker. Soups can be eaten for any meal time, in any time of the year, with the large variety of different kinds. In this review, we have closely taken a look at the Alfawise Multi-Function Smart Soup Maker with LCD Display.

This soup maker is rather larger. The bowl itself is 2 liters, which makes plenty of food for the entire family. Overall size of this appliance is about 13.78 x 7.48 x 14.96 inches with a weight of 6 kilograms and 165 grams. Moving it around or bringing along will not be a hassle. Material that it is made out of is durable and lasting, being ABS and stainless steel.

Multi-Function Smart Soup Maker

Alfawise Multi Functional Smart Soup Maker
2L large bowl capacity, with LCD Display

This soup maker is called multifunctional for a reason. It is ideal for not only cooking different soups, but for making jams, sauces, kneading dough, steaming food and more. Another feature that it offers, is the scale function. This multifunctional soup maker can accurately weigh your food for the exact proportions. Turbo function is also available, you just need to hold the button, and once you let go, it stops as well.

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CM - 2501 Multifunctional Soup Maker

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Two modes are available on this soup maker. The first mode is auto, where all of the settings are already fixed, all that you have to do is choose the right one for you. Second mode is manual, where you can choose and set your own temperature, time, speed and so on. With the LCD screen on the side of the soup maker, you can quickly operate the appliance, as well as be informed of the working status.

This Alfawise CM-2501 soup maker is safe to use. If you are overloading it, it will stop the entire process and E04 code will appear until you lessen the amount of weight in it. Overheating is also not an issue, since the soup maker will also stop if the bowl reaches temperatures higher than 150 degrees in Celsius, and the screen will display E03.

Alfawise CM-2501 soup maker, a unique item on the market, is one that will prepare the tastiest soups and reduce the hassle. Other foods can also be cooked in it, which is an additional bonus. Safe, durable and convenient!

Functional Smart Soup Maker

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