Xiaomi IH 3L App Control Smart Electric Rice Cooker

There are many different kitchen appliances that are of huge use and handiness. One of the most admired appliances is a rice cooker. Rice is a beloved food of many people and even a national food of various cultures. With that being said, countless amount of people find ways to make it more convenient and quicker to prepare it. In this review, we have observed the Xiaomi IH 3L App Control Smart Electric Rice Cooker.

This rice cooker is of charming white color and texture, that makes it fit entirely in any kitchen interior design. In size, it is 3 liters, big enough to feed the entire family. The overall size of this Xiaomi IH electric rice cooker is 9.84 x 7.87 x 11.81 inches, with a weight of 4 kilograms and 400 grams. It is easy to move around the kitchen if it is needed to do so.

Many different features are accessible when using this electric rice cooker. It has schemes to cook up to 3000 different kinds of rice. Your chosen type can be cooked in the greatest way.

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Xiaomi IH 3L Smart Electric Rice Cooker

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This rice cooker can be linked to your mobile device via an app. Once that is done, one can scan the bar code on a package of bought rice, and the cooker will pair the type of rice for the best cooking method. With the connection to the app, one can also regulate the rice cooker at any time. The rice cooker itself has very high and precise electromagnetic heating and temperature, for the most infused and flavorful food. On the top of the rice cooker, there is an LED panel, for easy and rapid controlling such as turning on and off and setting it.

Another great feature, is that the Xiaomi IH rice cooker has good air dissipation, for prolonging the life of the cooker. Removable parts of this rice cooker, make it easy and convenient to wash and clean.

Xiaomi IH smart electric rice cooker is a an affordable item for those who want to quickly enjoy their rice. It takes up little space in the kitchen. Previous users are loving it.

Xiaomi IH 3L Smart Electric Rice Cooker,
Intelligent App Control

Xiaomi Smart Electric Rice Cooker

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