Best Multi-Port Functional Universal Smart Charger

Mobile devices have become a normal part of our everyday life. Many would even consider them a  necessity rather then convenience.  Just one person may use a number of devices, and  how many of them  would an average family have?  Cell phones, Tablets, Bluetooth speakers, portable flashlights etc. are all constantly need to be charged. If you use the individual charger that comes with each device, you’ll quickly occupy all outlets in your home or office. What if there is not enough? Wouldn’t using just a single outlet for charging multiple devices be great? Is there any solution? Sure! USB charging stations  are not new in the market and with the development of technologies they also are being improved. We would like to introduce one of the best chargers – Gizmodern Multi-Port Functional Universal Smart Charger.

Functional Universal Smart Charger

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Gizmodern Smart 8 port USB and Type-C Quick Charge Desktop Mobile Device Charging Dock would save your space on your Desktop or office table and ofcourse your time. It can charge up to 8 different devices at the same time. A single, consolidated charging gadget includes one TYPE-C port, one USB quick charge 3.0 port and 6 USB ports. No more outlets or power bars.

Smart charging is one of the distinguishing  features of this USB charging Dock. Usually the USB ports will have different amperage outputs, which can effect how fast your devices charge. Usually, standard USB amperage outputs are 1A, 2.1A, and 2.4A. All smartphones, gadgets and electronic devices charge on the lower amperage ports, except iPads, tablets or large battery smart phones. For those devices, it’s better to have some higher amperage ports to charge them.

Multi-Port Functional Universal Smart Charger

Gizmodern Smart Universal Charger automatically detects and delivers the optimal and the fastest possible power output required for each connected device. In other words the delivery of charging current depends on what device is connected to the station. There is no fixed amperage for each port, any port can deliver necessary amperage.

Universal Smart Charger

Your phone is running out of batteries, but you need to leave soon, or you have an urgent work to do on your iPad, but there is almost no power left.  What’ s the solution? Yes, quick charge! You don’t need to look for one. Gizmodern Multi-Port Functional Smart Charger already has one Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port. This technology allows to charge mobile and other electronic devices up to 80% just within approximately 30 minutes, which is  5 times faster, then normal way.

You may think: “Yes, it is great. But I heard that phones heat up significantly in Quick Charging. Is it safe to use Quick Charge?”

Don’t worry. Gizmodern Functional Universal Smart Charger station has built-in safety measures ensuring that all of your gadgets are protected against any damage from overheating, over-voltage, over-current or short-circuiting. More then that it displays current/voltage information for all connected devices in real time, which definitely adds convenience to using the station.

Compact and elegant design of Gizmorden Multi-Port Functional Universal Smart Charger will look great near any desktop in your office, or on any bed-stand in your bedroom, or on a desk in your study. It will also allow you to organize all your portable devices in one place. This all-in-one USB charging station offers a smart, fast, safe, and convenient way of charging  multiple devices.

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