Xiaomi 3-axis Mechanical Stabilization 16MP HD Camera

When you are a video blogger, an amateur filmmaker or just a caring house owner who wants to keep an eye upon the household staff, a good-quality action camera is a necessity. One of your possible purchases is a recent Xiaomi product, the Xiaomi 3-axis Mechanical Stabilization 16MP HD Camera. In this review we would try to find the truth if it is worth buying.

To begin with, this is a relatively inexpensive camera for the range of specs and quality it provides, covering the entire room with remote control option. Secondly, the design of the camera is flawlessly minimalist and hi-tech – that looks really cool. By the way, the unit was actually created as a pair of Xiaomi Mijia No.9 Plus Self Balancing Scooter. They comply in design and in technical characteristics as well.

Xiaomi 1080P Camera

Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera
3-axis Mechanical Stabilization 16MP HD Camera

Another benefit is that the camera is very convenient to get used to, even though the manual and all the information on the package is largely in Chinese. The unit is rather petite and weighs only 0.1800 kg. In the package you receive the camera itself, a USB cable with a socket, an installation prompt card and one protective cover. The camera accumulator allows 5 hours of working time and 8 hours on standby – that’s rather enough for a day of blogging or, say, filming a family holiday.

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Xiaomi 1080P Pan-tilt Camera

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The unit can connect to WiFi – so you can share the files directly from the cam, sending them via mail, sharing in social media or downloading to the Cloud storage. No doubt, the quality of the filming is on top. 16M effective pixels mean that you would receive HD videos and photos, and 3-axis stabilizing gimbal means less work for you when editing shot media.
Yet, keep in mind that the camera is not waterproof and also doesn’t provide night vision. What is more, the concealed TF card slot provides not only a beautiful and integrated appearance but also a convenient storage method. Just for reference, maximum TF card supported is 64 GB.

In summary, the Xiaomi 1080P HD Pan-tilt Camera is a perfect choice for the owners of the matching scooter. Otherwise, make sure your activity does not incorporate contact with water or dust, and if doesn’t, do choose this one among other pricier ones.

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