Vitamix S55 Multifunctional Personal Blender

Vitamix is a legend in the world of blenders. If you can’t live without peanut butter, crave kale ‘d carrot smoothies in the morning or meal prep hummus regularly, you definitely need a blending beast in the kitchen – such like this Vitamix S55 Multifunctional Personal Blender.

Personal Blender

The package comes with the blending base, the 40 ounce container with very sharp blending blades in the bottom, a smaller to-go cup, a tamper and a cookbook. The machine has 5 preset blending modes, as well as 10 different speeds – that’s way more than the specs of an immersion or a standby blender. The design of the machine is also worth a notion – it’s very laconic and stylish combination of sparkling stainless metal and solid plastic. If you are a picky housewife, this unit would nicely underline hi-tech kitchen design, but also won’t interfere with Provance style decorated kitchen.

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Multifunctional Personal Blender

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To be honest, in the smoothie made in Vitamix still occur tiny chunks of frozen fruits, but except for that the texture of the product is really flawless and the blending is really thorough. Also, you can put the blender on a more powerful setting to achieve even smoother texture of the mix. The other thing that should be noted is that Vitamix S55 is one of the smallest units of the brand, designed for domestic usage, and for commercial purposes you can buy bigger and more powerful ‘tank version’ blenders. There is also a dedicated pulse feature for quick chopping – you basically switch it on and press the button. Besides that you have preset programs for smoothies, dips or spreads and frozen desserts. What is more, the blender can be operated manually, with full control with intensity of the pulses.

To add to that, the blender has a drainage hole in case of a leak. Another little but pleasant detail is that it has a double wall insulated cup that prevents leakage and also keeps the beverages cool inside.

To sum up, Vitamix copes really well with hot soups, frozen desserts, yogurts, nut milk and butters, you name it. If you are a demanding cook who needs versatility of textures and big volume of containers, a busy mom or a green lifestyle pro, these device is definitely a win. Moreover, this blender is definitely that kind of a long-time quality investment that will work for your family for years.

Personal Multifunctional Blender

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