Cf007 Smart Fitness Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Smart Band

Living an active lifestyle and tracking our health has become more and more popular. There are many different devices that can help do so, but one of the greatest and in trend is a fitness smartband. Cf007 Smart Fitness Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Smart Band is one that we have taken a look at for this review.

Cf007 smartband is stylish and appealing to the eye with its design. Circular dial is simple, but beautiful and sleek. The band is made out of elastic, that is breathable and soft. It feels tight on the wrist and sturdy, but at the same time light.

Cf007 Smart Fitness Bracelet

Offered in several bright and bold color options such as blue, gray, red or yellow, it will stand out and set an active mood from the start. Made to be life water resistant, this fitness smartband can be used in any weather condition or circumstance. However, it is recommended to not place it in hot water.

While being used, this Cf007 smartband has a NFR51822 chip for efficiently collecting and monitoring your heart rate. As well as that, it quickly records your blood pressure and the amount of blood oxygen. This is extremely important information when living an active lifestyle and especially if you are not. To add to that, the Cf007 smartband tracks the number of steps that you have taken throughout the day, with the total distance and number of calories that you burned.

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Cf007 Smart Fitness Bracelet gray

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After a long active day, the smartband can track your sleeping. It records the depth and time of your sleep, so for the future you can improve your sleeping habits for a better night rest. With the weather feature on this smartband, you will always know what is going on outside. Best of all, this smartband can notify you with a vibration, when a new call or message is coming in on your mobile device.

With the Split app, all of the features can be received, and this smartband supports iOS 8.0 and Android 4.3. With a RAM of 32KB, the usage will be smooth and steady and plenty of space for storage with 256KB. 80mAh polymer lithium battery installed will charge in no time, for 15 days of usage in standby mode and 7 days in regular.

Cf007 fitness smartband is trendy and convenient, helping live a more active and better life.

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