ASUS U305 13-inch Laptop Full HD Notebook Computer

In the 21st century, just about everyone has turned to electronic form of just about everything. Books are often read online, movies are watched, games are downloaded. To add to that, people work online and children even do their school work on different computers. In order to accomplish all that, most people invest in laptop computers. The market offers many different devices ,but to narrow it down in this next review we have observed the ASUS U305 13-inch Laptop 512GB SSD Full HD Notebook Computer with 13.3 inches display size.

ASUS U305 notebook is compact and portable. First of all, the screen size is only 13.3 inches large. In weight it is 1 kilogram and 228 grams, all due to its sleek body. White color of the notebook makes it universal and neutral. The notebook itself is operated by the Windows 8.1 system, that is not the newest but has many different features for its users.

ASUS U305 13-inch Laptop Full HD

Intel Core M-5Y71 processor with 1.2GHz, up to 2.9GHz frequency, makes the ASUS U305 notebook rather mighty and useful. Usage of it is sure to go well, run smoothly and steady. 13.3 inch screen might seem small, but with the 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution which is fully high definition, images are sure to be colorful and bright. Movies and games will be much enjoyed on this notebook, especially with the Intel GMA HD 5300 graphics chipset. 8GB DDR3L RAM adds to the smoothness, since it makes multitasking possible.

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ASUS U305 13-inch Notebook

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0.3 megapixel front camera on the ASUS U305 is used often for taking quick selfies, but even more often for video chatting on different platforms. One specification that most people bring their attention to, is the memory capacity. This notebook provides with 512GB SSD storage, large enough for saving different programs and files.

Bluetooth 4.0 makes it easy to transfer files, and with Wifi 802.11b/g/n connection to a network will not be a problem. 3 different USB ports are available on this network for connection of additional accessories, flash drives and anything needed. 3830mAh li-ion polymer battery is made to charge in 3 to 4 hours for up to 4 to 5 hours in standby mode.

ASUS U305 notebook is in the medium price range, with pretty good specifications. It is neutral, sleek and best of all rather fast and powerful for all of your different needs.

ASUS U305 13-inch Laptop

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