ASUS 15-inch Gaming Laptop 1TB HDD FHD Notebook Computer

How do many people spend their free time? That is right, gaming! Gaming has become popular not only among children but within adults as well. Computer games of all genres are available. In order to receive the best experience, that will be smooth and steady, a gaming computer is needed. When compiling you own desktop computer, it can get very expensive. In this review, we have observed the ASUS 15-inch Gaming Laptop 1TB HDD FHD Notebook Computer (FX60VM6300 ) that is quite affordable and powerful at the same time.

This laptop is offered in a trendy and rather manly black color, however it is neutral and suitable for all. 15.6 inch screen is large enough to dive into the parallel world of the games. The screen has a display ratio of 16:9, is LED with 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution which is fully high definition. Although the screen is somewhat large, the notebook in general still has a light weight of just 2 kilograms and 500 grams. With that being said, it is pretty compact.

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ASUS FX60VM6300 15.6 inch Display Gaming Laptop,
1 TB HDD, Full HD Screen Notebook Computer

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With the Windows 10 operating system, this notebook has some latest features to present to its users. Intel Core i5-6300HQ processor with 2.3GHz, up to 3.2GHz frequency is exceedingly powerful and efficient for fast, smooth and steady usage. NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 3G graphics processing unit will add to that, with high quality images.

8GB DDR4 RAM, that can be expanded up to 24GB is great for multitasking, ideal for running all of your different programs. Since most games take up plenty of memory space, this ASUS notebook has a 1T HDD memory space, large enough for just about all of it. With 720P front camera video chatting is possible, as well as quick selfies. HDMI output allows users to connect their notebook to a TV or set up a second monitor. The battery installed, will allow one to enjoy their notebook for several hours.

The ASUS FX60VM6300 gaming laptop is rather affordable in comparison to other gaming laptops with similar specifications. It is relatively compact and lightweight, and is very fast and powerful. All gamers will enjoy it with a whole new experience.

ASUS 15-inch Gaming Laptop
1TB HDD FHD Notebook Computer

ASUS 15-inch Gaming Laptop

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