Brushless Motor Remote Control Electric Skateboard

Skateboards have been in trend for quite some time already. As long as we can remember, boys and girls of all ages have been enjoying them. Different skate parks have been built, all for skateboarding. With the different technological advances, electric skateboards have been invented. In this review, we have observed the Landwheel L3-A Brushless Motor 4 wheels Electric Skateboard with remote control.

This electric skateboard is trendy being black and orange in color. In size it is 37.4 x 9.06 x 5.04 inches, and is extremely lightweight being 7.6 kg. It can easily be raised with just one hand for moving around or transporting. The base of the skateboard is made out of aluminum alloy and with an anti slip design, that makes it safe and long lasting, protected from damage. Wheels on this skateboard are made out of hard and solid PU, which makes them stable and durable, perfect for riding on any type of surface.

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Landwheel E-Wheel Skateboard

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Two 275W motors are installed in this skateboard, that provide with a speed of up to 45 km per hour. Greadibility of 15 degrees also makes it possible to go uphill. Built in, it also has a 3200 mAh battery, that is included in the package. The battery is detachable, so that the skateboard can turn into a non electric one. When attached, the battery charges to the fullest in just about 1.5 to 2 hours. After that, one can ride it for up to 15 kilometers.

Landwheel L3 skateboard can withstand a weight of 120 kilograms. The package also includes a remote control, that is convenient and used for adjusting the speed. The speed can be set to either low or high, two different modes. Remote control also has a battery included, which is 32aH. In the package, there is also an adapter, and 2 spare PU tires included.

Landwheel L3 electric skateboard is a fun and enjoyable item for the entire family. It is safe, convenient to use as a form of transportation, durable and trendy. The price of it is more on the higher end. We can recommend this Landwheel L3 skateboard. Bring your attention to it.

Brushless Motor Remote Control Electric Skateboard

Remote Control Electric Skateboard

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