Dust Mites Cleaning Ultraviolet Light Vacuum Cleaner

Many homes and offices are packed with mites and dust. It can be a real problem trying to clean it all out and leave the living space spotless and healthy. However, with the different technology these days, there are some cleaners available that provide you with the opportunity to easily and quickly do the job. For this review, we have observed the Pooda Dust Mites Cleaning Ultraviolet Light Vacuum Cleaner, that is sure to be of great help.

Pooda Dust Mites Vacuum Cleaner

Pooda Dust Mites Ultraviolet Light Vacuum Cleaner

This cleaner is lightweight and compact, easily held in the hand. The color of it is white, which is sleek, trendy and clean. With a weight of just 1 kilogram and 100 grams, it can be held with just one hand. Made out of ABS plastic material, this cleaner is durable and made to last for quite the time.

It is suitable for just about any surface, starting from the carpet, bed and even curtains. It has a multipurpose design, for everyday use. The dust box is 0.5 liters in size, large enough to pick it all up, without having to constantly run to the trash can. With a noise level of just 70 dB, it will not be of any disturbance, perfect for homes with little children or elders. Suction of 7000 Pa, makes it powerful, and with a beat frequency of 5001 times in just one minute.

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Pooda Dust Mites Ultraviolet Light Vacuum Cleaner white

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 The cleaner also heats up and emits temperature of 55 degrees Celsius to help remove of any moisture and kill the mites at the same time. With a 45 degree angle, it will pick up all mites and dust. Built in UV lamp, also help sterilize the surface. The double filtration system is made to reduce the dust and mites from escaping back into the clean air. After the job is done, one can easily wash out the dust box. 5 meter line is made to help reach just about any corner.

Pooda dust and mites cleaner is highly recommended for its reasonable price, durable material and great technology. It will help clean your home in little time without needing to put a lot of strength into it.

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