Pooda Dust Mite Cleaning Home Vacuum Cleaner

There are many different particles in the air of our homes, dust and other mites. All of that, can be bad for the health and even cause allergies to arise. In order to get rid of it all, a high quality cleaner is needed. Many go with the stereotype, that such item are high in price and not affordable. Although, we have reviewed the Pooda Dust Mite Cleaning Home Vacuum Cleaner, that is durable, portable and affordable.

Pooda Mite Instrument Vacuum Cleaner photo

Pooda Dust Mite Cleaning Home Vacuum Cleaner

This cleaner is of a trendy champagne color, which makes it bold and unique. The size of this item is about 12.2 x 9.45 x 5.12 inches, with the weight being just 1 kilogram and 350 grams. Made out of ABS plastic material, it is long lasting and damage proof. With this vacuum cleaner, it is possible to clean just about any surface, beginning with floors such as carpet, and ending with the bed and couch.

It has a 5 meter wire, that helps reach just about any needed area. To add to that, it is extremely quiet and non-disturbing with the noise level being 75 dB and less.

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 0.5 liter dust box is made to fit it all in, and at the same time it is safe and leak proof. With the frequency flapping of 5000 per minute, the area will be spotless.

Built in, it has a switch and touch roller for quick and easy usage. To add to that, there is a 45 degree angle that evenly distributes hot wind to remove moisture, along with the dust, dandruff, mites and other particles. Built in UV lamp, also helps quickly pick up the mites and disinfect the area. With the vaulted mirror image design, the light focuses through the refraction to help cover the entire area with the UV light. Electrostatic removal strip helps in reducing the static electricity. The suction power of this vacuum cleaner is 10000pa.

Pooda Mite Cleaning Home Vacuum Cleaner will provide with a flawless living area. Every little particle will be sucked up, to provide with clean air. At the same time, it does not bring any damage to the items. The price of this vacuum cleaner is extremely affordable.

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